Image Comics reviews for the week of 7-19-17

Lazarus X+66 #1


A spinoff of the ongoing Lazarus comic, Lazarus X+66 is an intriguing side story from The Conclave War.

Regular Lazarus writer Greg Rucka is joined by Eric Trautmann for this six issue series looking at life for those looking to be the few, the proud and the elite.

Casey Solomon has been selected by Forever Carlyle to attend the Special Warfare Center. Those who don’t drop out or survive the training get the special dagger designation. Solomon’s special attention doesn’t sit well with her fellow trainee Cervantes, who frequently encourages her to drop out.

Rucka and Trautmann downplay whatever has put Solomon on Carlyle’s radar. That creates a nice mystery echoed by Solomon’s commanding officers. What makes her so special? By the end of the issue, we start to see some glimpses of what originally impressed Carlyle.


For the most part, this is a fairly self-contained story so newcomers to the Lazarus world won’t feel lost. If anything, this encourages readers to check out trade paperbacks they missed to get the full story, but it’s not required to follow along.

Steve Lieber’s art isn’t flashy and utilizes thick line work. It’s simple, but effective for the tone of the book. Lieber’s characters are emotive and the layouts are easy to follow.

Santi Arcas using more of a washed out subdued look for the color work. With most of the issue taking place in an arid training facility, Arcas’ color choices make a lot of sense.

This opening issue is largely set up. Depending on how the rest of the series goes, this story could have progressed further.  Solomon and Cervantes’ journey to becoming Daggers has just begun. While potential obstacles weren’t fully explored, I’m curious to see what’s in store next issue.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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