SDCC 2017 WWE reveals

We got out first look at Mattel’s SDCC 2017 WWE offerings. This marked possibly the first year where the modern superstars were better received than the Flashback choices.

Let’s kick things off with the Elites. On the Flashback front, there wasn’t a lot of big names. Mattel is in a tricky spot now with some of the essential guys on the concussion lawsuit. And there’s only so many Ultimate Warriors and Macho Man figures that can keep collectors’ interest.

Not to say there weren’t some worthwhile additions namely Mean Gene Okerlund and Scotty II Hotty. I’m disappointed this is more of a solo run Scotty as opposed to II Cool Scotty. Also, I’m bummed we got a new Macho Man USA figure before a Royal Rumble 1991 Ultimate Warrior USA figure.


Here’s the modern stars: Bullet Club Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows were essential.

I’m glad Maryse is getting a solo release and Ember Moon looks fantastic. NXT collectors are seeing a much quicker turnaround now.

The Basic line looks to have dropped bicep articulation. I’m curious how this will affect Mattel. Will more people gravitate toward Elite figures or stop collecting Basics altogether? I know in some cases, I’ve grabbed Basic figures for arms, which were easy to swap out with the separate bicep joint.

I wasn’t sure about the Basic Corey Graves. Those suited figures are great for standing, but are terrible for sitting. With this bulky body, Graves wouldn’t be able to sit at all.

Alexa Bliss’s Elite figure has outstanding detail.

WWE ELITE Alexa Bliss

Maybe Braun Strowman’s face isn’t as intense as it should be, but I love that he comes with a gurney.

Ken Shamrock’s face looks off. Instead of a crazed ‘get out of my way!’ scream, he looks more like he’s grunting. The D-Lo Brown, which we saw earlier, looks fine. I was pulling for the blue and pink New Day attire.

Here’s some longer term renderings. We’re getting Cesaro/Sheamus tag team versions, a new Braun, Mickie James and Elias Samson.

I’m sure Mattel will have some more product out after the panel, but this is the first salvo and wanted to pass that on to everyone now.

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