SDCC 2017: Fox all set to continue ruining Doctor Doom with new movie

The third time is not the charm for 20th Century Fox. After three abominations, Fox is trying to get Doctor Doom right again — this time in a standalone movie.

Noah Hawley, the creator of the well-received Legion and Fargo series, announced at the Legion panel Thursday he’s working on the film. In a move reminiscent of the New Age Outlwas, Hawley said he’s got two words about his next film. ‘The first one is Doctor and the next one is Doom.’


For my money, Doctor Doom is Marvel’s best villain. It’s a shame he’s stuck in the hell that is the Fox license as he would make for a great opponent for the Avengers. The team needs somebody else to fight after Thanos and he would be ideal. Sadly, Fox has other ideas that have nothing to do with holding onto the license for dear life so Marvel Studios doesn’t get it.

Of all the villains in the Marvel universe, Doom is on the shortlist of being able to headline his own movie. Doom has a warped sense of responsibility as the ruler of Latvia. Freeing his mother’s soul from Mephisto could make for an interesting story.

As much fanfare as Hawley’s work on those shows has earned, I can’t help but think of Josh Trank. Remember him? He was the young up and coming filmmaker who followed up his smash hit Chronicle with Fantastic Four. Even before the film hit theaters, Trank was dissing the film. That was career suicide, but he was right in wanting to get well away from that debacle.

Trank’s Doom was somehow worse than Julian McMahon’s take in the Tim Story directed Fantastic Four films. At least in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, he looked like Dr. Doom.

Hawley’s take on Doom couldn’t be any worse, but I’m really just ready at this point for Disney to get the FF and all its characters over to Marvel Studios.

Photo Credit: Marvel