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SDCC 2017: WWE reveals Day 2

After a lackluster opening day of reveals, Mattel made good on Day 2 of its WWE

Maybe the best reveal for me was Virgil. We’ve gotten a couple of Million Dollar Man figures and his bodyguard was an essential part of his act. The head sculpt seems just about right. Even better the jacket looks like it’s easily removable to make an nWo Vincent custom.

The online exclusive Wolfpac Macho Man is cool. I’d probably want this figure more if Macho Man didn’t get hurt so quick into forming the group. At least this version uses a different head sculpt so that makes it a little more appealing.

For NXT fans, Mattel Day 2 provided some big names with Bobby Roode and DIY. True, this is a Basic Roode, but he’s a guy that’s easy enough to customize if he pulls an Austin Aries and quits soon. Roode also has the traditional Basic body mold without the switched articulation.

The Authors of Pain get quick turnarounds to get figures. These guys are in Basic bodies, but I’m not sure I need the full Elite for them. Looking at the mold though, they look like great bases for Bad Luck Fale customs.

Eva Marie finally gets a figure that looks like her. I’m surprised she’s slated since Eva hasn’t been on WWE TV in a long time.

I’m glad the Revival got Elite figures. They’re one of my favorite tag teams and I’m looking forward to putting them in March Bashness 2018.

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On the modern roster front, the white AJ Styles attire is sweet. Definitely will be grabbing this one. The new Nakamura looks amazing even with the hard plastic jacket. This looks like another of his New Japan attires so I dig it. I thought I didn’t need another Nakamura figure after the Defining Moments version, but with this black attire and entrance jacket, I should be completely done. I think…