SDCC 2017: Meet the team for Young Justice: Outsiders

Warner Bros. and DC shared the first look at Young Justice: Outsiders. Maybe the biggest surprise is the big changes to the lineup. It’s not a big deal though provided the show maintains the same level of quality as the previous two seasons.

Regular mainstays Robin, Blue Beetle, Beast Boy and a returning Kid Flash. On Young Justice’s Season 2 finale, Kid Flash was presumed dead so hopefully we’ll get some understanding of how he returned. And I’d love to get a followup on that Darkseid tease.

Joining them is Spoiler, Wonder Girl and Arsenal and newcomers Static, Arrowette and Thirteen. The latter is a character created for the series.

Superboy, Aqualad, Artemis and Nightwing have new looks. Apparently they’ll be undercover for a bit.

This won’t be a short season thankfully with 26 episodes planned. During the SDCC 2017 panel, producer Greg Weisman said 12 scripts are done with 10 more in the works and all/part of 10 episodes have been recorded with the cast.

We’ll start seeing the fun next year. Originally the next season was set to head to Netflix. Now it’s going to be part of DC’s new streaming service. That’s probably for the best since DC has a vested interest in the show’s success. And Young Justice has a strong enough following to at least initially help out the streaming service.

Photo Credit: DC / Warner Bros.