SDCC 2017: 7 questions from the new Justice League trailer

I know folks have gotten so used to hating on the DC Extended Universe it’s not cool to get excited about Justice League. Sorry, this bad boy looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun even if it sticks to the tried and true formula of super team battles alien invaders format. At least it looks cool. At San Diego Comic Con, Warner Bros./DC Films showed the new Justice League trailer. I’m starting to get very excited about November beyond Thor: Ragnarok.

Now that we’ve seen it, here’s some questions from the new Justice League trailer:

Alfred makes a Penguin reference. Is there any chance we get a cameo in the film? Let’s check Josh Gad’s Twitter.

Why did Steppenwolf first pop up in Themyscaria? Do the Amazons have some connection to him or are they already on Darkseid’s scope as an immediate threat to his rule?

Catch that World Without a Superman reference? The new edition of the Daily Planet mentioned a World Without Hope, which was what Superman said symbol meant in Kryptonian.

It was no coincidence Wonder Woman opened the trailer. Will her film’s success lead to her becoming the focal point of the film, especially now with reshoots underway?

Batman says the team doesn’t have enough help yet. Who else is on his radar since he’s reached out to the only four meta humans he knows is running around?

Who was Alfred talking to at the end? Superman? Hush? Thomas Wayne?

Henry Cavill’s Superman is returning, but how limited will his role be in the film? Safe money is starting to look like we’ll see him arrive in the final showdown against Steppenwolf much the same way Wonder Woman showed up to fight Doomsday in Dawn of Justice.

We’ll get our answers relatively soon as Justice League comes to theaters Nov. 17.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures
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