SDCC 2017: DC sets stage for Rebirth with Flash Flashpoint film

It’s safe to say that Warner Bros. swung and missed with the opening salvo of its DC Extended Universe. Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad failed to inspire and rally audiences like rival Marvel Studios’ franchise juggernaut. Wonder Woman did manage to turn the tide and get people hopeful about the DC Film division again. And it looks like DC might be planning a massive course correction with a Flash Flashpoint film.

During DC’s San Diego Comic Con 2017 presentation, Flashpoint was revealed as the focus for the Flash standalone film.  That’s still a ways off as DC hasn’t announced a release date for the film starring Ezra Miller.

Miller will be appearing in November’s Justice League and with audience familiarity with the character, kicking off with Flashpoint isn’t the craziest idea.

Flashpoint was a highly controversial storyline when it debuted in 2011. Barry Allen aka The Flash changed reality — with some help that was revealed in DC Rebirth — in an effort to save his mother from being murdered. While Flash was successful, his efforts doomed everything else pitting allies like Wonder Woman and Aquaman against each other and Thomas Wayne wearing the cowl of Batman after his son’s murder.

DC fans have become accustomed to various takes on Flashpoint. Warner Bros. Animation turned out a sensational spin on the saga and Flashpoint was the basis for The Flash’s third season.


With a big budget, a Flash Flashpoint film could be pretty fun. It’d be neat watching Jason Momoa’s Aquaman warring with Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. And Flashpoint could help raise the profile of Ray Fisher’s Cyborg as the character played a pivotal role in the comic series.

For the film division, a Flash Flashpoint film could also be helpful in drastically changing the tone of the DC Extended Universe. Following the comic series, DC embarked on a new direction  — the New 52. While DC deserved credit for trying something that really affected the status quo, it was too much for many readers. It took DC Rebirth for fans to return.

DC Rebirth didn’t fix all the mistakes of New 52, but it focused more on the core elements of the characters. Not all the heroes were gloomy, brooding and hopeless. Sound familiar? Using a Flash Flashpoint to fix issues with the film universe, Warner Bros. and DC could in movie continuity address audience complaints that they’re films aren’t fun. Superman would definitely benefit the most from that switch. If the films had more of the Rebirth style Superman it’d be a win for everyone.

this might also be the avenue in which DC/Warner Bros swaps out Ben Affleck in the Batman role.

I’m curious to see what DC and Warner Bros. has in store. What do you think? Would you be down for a Flash Flashpoint film?

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.