SDCC 2017: New DC animated films Death of Superman, Reign of Supermen

I was fully in my taking Superman for granted stage when Death of Superman started. I anxiously grabbed each issue as Doomsday came for Superman. Next up was the really engaging World Without a Superman and the game changing Reign of the Supermen. That trilogy is probably my all-time favorite Superman arc.

When Warner Bros. Animated released Superman: Doomsday, it was such a disappointment. All of the amazing character work and care explaining why Superman was so important was casually discarded in a quickie 75 minute movie. That film has long been one of my least favorite in the DC Animated library.

But now, Warner Bros. Animated is doing that acclaimed story justice. After a slew of big news today, Warner Bros. Animation announced the next slate of films will include Death of Superman and Reign of the Supermen. I’m ecstatic about this for a few reasons.


WBA has done a great job translating these major comic book arcs to animated films. Teen Titans: The Judas Contract was a terrific recent example. Also, this breaks up the WBA trend of more and more Batman films. Death and Reign allows fans of other characters to get in on the animated feature love. Finally, WBA is doing this arc right by making it two films instead of trying to cram it all into one.

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Before those Superman films arrive, WBA is releasing Batman: Gotham by Gaslight and a new Suicide Squad film entitled Hell to Pay. Batman: Assault on Arkham was essentially a Suicide Squad film so I’m glad the Squad is getting a follow-up. Hell to Pay is slated for a spring 2018 release.

Death of Superman arrives in late 2018 followed by Reign of the Supermen in 2019. That’s kind of why I wish Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice held off on debuting Doomsday. With a little patience, this could have been a sensational story to bring to the big screen.

Still, it’s very weird that WBA doesn’t have a new Wonder Woman animated film lined up. After all, Wonder Woman only had the biggest hit from Warner Bros. Pictures without The Dark Knight in the title. Seems like that should be a priority. Maybe in 2019. For now, I’m thrilled WBA is getting out of sticking to The Batman business and exploring other avenues in the DCU. I can’t wait!

Photo Credit: DC Comics