SDCC 2017: Mattel WWE Day 3 reveals include Kurt Angle

Oh it’s finally true. For Day 3 of its WWE reveals, Mattel finally debuted the long awaited Kurt Angle figure.

This is an early WWF Angle so he’s got hair. Angle seemed like the biggest no-brainer of likely releases and I’m glad Mattel went with the initial look. When the inevitable waves of bald Angle figures get released we’ll have some flexibility with singlet attires. According to the WWE Twitter, Angle is part of the Entrance Greats 2018 line. Obviously this is a rush job for SDCC so the paint work is not retail ready, but it looks pretty good.

WWE Elite Kurt Angle. 2

Angle’s elbow pads will be separate pieces as well.


While I was ecstatic to see Angle, I was super annoyed at yet another modern Crow Sting. Fun Fact. Mattel has made more modern Crow Sting figures than he had matches.

Mattel also showed a new Elite Bray Wyatt and Becky Lynch. New additions include TJ Perkins, Rich Swann and Tyler Bate. And we also got a look at the Batista figure that was only shown via mock up on Thursday.