15 Marvel Legends figures in need of updating


15 Marvel Legends in need of updating - Toy Biz Phoenix

Toy Biz struggles with female figures continued with Psylocke. In her Blue X-Men era attire, Psylocke was this ultra ninja hottie. This figure captured none of that with the exception of her purple hair and sash. While she wasn’t as bad as the infamous Scarlet Mitch head sculpt, the figure hardly resembled the character who had Cyclops staring.

Why it needs updating now? Hasbro has actually give Psylocke an upgrade, but it was in her X-Force attire on one of the more lackluster earlier female bucks. Maybe Hasbro couldn’t sculpt all the leg bands, but the face sculpt would be phenomenal and with just a handful of members left, getting the team’s ninja would definitely be welcome. Psylocke could also share a lot of parts with Elektra making for a welcome two for one opportunity.


15 Marvel Legends in need of updating - Hasbro Quicksilver

Twinkle Toes was one of Hasbro’s initial Marvel Legends offerings. The stubby knees and ball hips are really the killers for his articulation. From the top up, his figure still holds up even with a very pale skin tone. But the Avengers’ speedster would definitely benefit from a new figure preferably one that can actually hold decent running poses.

Why it needs updating now? On a Top 20 Avengers list, Quicksilver might be 19 or 20, but he’s a longstanding member of the team. Plus, his appearances in both Avengers: Age of Ultron and X-Men: Apocalypse keep him in the spotlight. Besides, the rest of Cap’s Kookey Quartet have upgraded figures.


15 Marvel Legends in need of updating -Toy Biz Spider-Woman

Julia Carpenter made her debut in Secret Wars. She just made the final cut in Toy Biz’s run as a variant to Jessica Drew. Both figures suffered from man hands and awful bodies. And the heels make standing a nightmare. Given how cool the symbiote Spider-Man and Venom figures turned out, the character with that original costume scheme really should get a better figure.

Why it needs updating now? With so many Spider-Man characters getting new figures or random Spider-Verse characters cutting the line, it’s time for a character who’s been a fixture in the Marvel Universe to get a better figure.



15 Marvel Legends in need of updating - Hasbro Tigra

This was one of Hasbro’s earlier swing and a miss releases. Tigra is Marvel’s answer to Catwoman in a more literal sense. Tigra was also a key and founding member of the West Coast Avengers. The head sculpt looked bored and the articulation featuring the all but useless elbros and kneebros make her a passable Tigra stand-in.

Why it needs updating now? Outside of having the figure to say we have a figure, there’s little redeeming about Hasbro’s first spin at her. But with the newer female articulation — bicep jointed especially needed here — and Hasbro’s track record for beautiful female head sculpts Tigra would benefit from an upgrade as much as any figure.

Wolverine (tiger stripe)

15 Marvel Legends in need of updating - Hasbro Wolverine

When Hasbro initially took over the Marvel Legends line from Toy Biz it took them a while to get it right. The tiger stripe Wolverine was one of the first figures that convinced collectors Hasbro . A repaint of the Toy Biz ML6 Wolverine mold, this figure was just about exactly what fans wanted. Maybe Wolverine had too much of a tan and the yellow a shade too bright, but this captured Wolverine in his other iconic costume.

Why it needs updating now?  Toy Biz reached double digits with its Marvel Legends line, but this buck held up pretty well. Until Hasbro released a superior Wolverine body in the first X-Men Legends line last year. Hasbro nailed Wolverine’s broad, but short stature and the removable claws were a bonus. In comparison now the TS Wolverine looks gangly with unattractive ball joints and overly long boots. And the softer plastic used makes it hard to maintain poses we take for granted with the modern Hasbro figures.

It’s funny how the hot new model starts making the old faithful look familiar. Besides the shoulder pads, this should be an easy repaint of the 2016 Wolverine. C’mon Hasbro, let’s get this guy knocked out for the 2018 X-Men wave.