Image Comics reviews 7-26-17

Cannibal #7

Cannibal #7 cover

With lawman getting increasingly suspicious about the rash of disappearances and local militia eager to gun down more cannibals, things are getting pretty tricky in Willow, Florida.

The sheriff is trying to keep folks from learning his son is infected with the cannibal virus and this issue reveals his role in that incident. Meanwhile, cannibal killers Grady and Cash Hensen are having second thoughts on their unofficial profession now they have personal ties to the virus. But that change of heart won’t exactly sit well with their militia buddies. Of course a well placed shotgun might start solving a few of those problems.

I really dig the story writers J. Young and Brian Buccellato are telling here. There are some interesting analogies to how quickly people’s opinions on hardship can change when they’re directly affected. And I appreciate the series has two significant black characters. All of the characters are starting to feel the tension and strain from their actions.

Some of the panels are sparse on details, but otherwise Matias Bergara’s art is strong. Bergara steers the dialogue heavy issue smartly with some nice layouts. Begara’s characters have a lot of personality with some great distinctions even between family members.

This is my first sample of Cannibal, but I’m ready for the next round. This is some tasty reading.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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