Image Comics reviews 7-26-17

Crosswind #2

Crosswind #2 cover

It’s time for a dinner party … and to clean up after a bloody hit. Gail Simone is clearly having some fun with this book’s clever premise. A Seattle housewife and Chicago hit man have somehow switched bodies. And while they’re still trying to make sense of how they’ve gotten in this predicament they’ve got to keep their borrowed lives in order and alive to switch back.

For Cason Bennett, that’s much easier. All he’s got to do while in the body of Juniper Blue is serve up a dinner to impress her husband’s supervisor. Juniper’s got to clean up a bloody crime scene without getting caught by the feds. Watching Juniper and Cason use their respective experiences in atypical situations is a ton of fun. That’s the overall feel of the book despite Cason’s more violent subplot.

It’s the kind of book you might need to read more than once to fully appreciate, but once it clicks, it’s pretty brilliant. I can’t imagine some Hollywood exec isn’t already figuring out a pitch for this series.

Until then, readers will have to ‘settle’ for Cat Staggs’ mesmerizing artwork. Staggs utilizes a beautiful animation style that looks part photo realistic and part cell shaded video game. The effect is amazing especially on pages with both characters’ perspectives.

For fans of Simone’s work at DC and those just looking for something extraordinarily different, Crosswind is a dazzling must-read.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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