Image Comics reviews 7-26-17

Shirtless Bear-Fighter #2

ShirtlessBearFighter #2 cover

Sometimes you don’t need an overly serious comic book. Occasionally, you want to get caught up in an absurd read with a premise so outrageous it works. Enter Shirtless Bear-Fighter #2.

Writers Jody Leheup and Sebastian Girner are really onto something with this more fun than it out to be idea of a hero named Shirtless fighting bears.

There’s a clever and very funny bit with Shirtless going on a nationwide bear tail-kicking tour. The stops in Chicago and New York are especially funny.

Nil Vendrell’s art is every bit as energetic and detailed as necessary. Vendrell’s style has a cartoonish flair that handles its share of the comedic load. There’s almost an Itchy & Scratchy vibe in some of the pages with the over the top ridiculousness. But again, it totally works in this book’s context and that’s even before Shirtless’ encounter with Thu Hillbilly Warlock — one of the most inspired comic book creations this year.

Do yourself a favor and take life a little less seriously by reading this issue. It’s outlandish, silly and a ton of fun.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics

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