15 Marvel Legends figures in need of updating


15 Marvel Legends in need of updating -Hasbro Banshee

Hasbro struck out with its first attempt at the screaming Irish mutant. Toy Biz had done most of the iconic team with some notable exceptions. While Banshee was a surprise announcement for Hasbro’s initial round of Marvel Legends, the execution left a lot to be desired. Banshee’s collar was missing and the implementation of his wings didn’t work. Add on a pale head sculpt and sickly colored paint job and this effort had a lot of fans hollering for the wrong reason.

Why it needs updating now? We’ve yet to get the Giant Sized X-Men team in the 6-inch format. Banshee doesn’t require extensive tooling besides figuring out the wings. And as one of Hasbro’s worst offerings, they deserve a mulligan to get this guy right. Hey, if Sunfire could get a great figure so can Banshee.

Black Knight

15 Marvel Legends in need of updating - Hasbro Black Knight

Even though Hasbro was struggled to make sense of how to implement the newly acquired Marvel Legends line, the effort to do better was apparent. Black Knight was one of Hasbro’s close, but not quite efforts. There was some nice sculpting throughout, Dane Whitman’s Ebony Sword looks great and he’s got a shield to make Captain America jealous. Still, he looked slight compared to Toy Biz Marvel Legends and his funky articulation didn’t make for the best showcase of his swordsman ability.

Why it needs updating now? Hasbro has the chain mail body in place and Dreadknight makes for a pretty good foundation already.


15 Marvel Legends in need of updating - Toy Biz Bishop

Providing some much needing diversity to the X-Men, Bishop came roaring into the 90s. With an energy channeling power and unique look, Bishop quickly became a fairly popular character. He made his Marvel Legends debut in the BAF Apocalypse series 12. With a new BAF Bishop coming, now would be a great time for a newer version.

Why it needs updating now? With a 90s style Cable and Deadpool coming, the 90s extreme version of Bishop is overdue. The Toy Biz version was built without much attention to scale so he was taller and thicker than his comic book portrayals. The articulation was sketchy though thanks to the balloon biceps and shoulder joints. Hopefully Hasbro can capture all the unique sculpting details like the Toy Biz figure as that helped make him a standout.


15 Marvel Legends in need of updating - Hasbro Elektra

All things considered, Hasbro’s first crack at Elektra holds up OK. It was much better than Toy Biz’s version. The skirt was well done. The head sculpt looked like a woman and the articulation was fine for Hasbro’s original standards.

Why it needs updating now? Elektra has a high profile thanks to her role on Netflix’s Daredevil and Defenders. She did get a Netflix style figure, but with the new Bullseye in the Netflix wave, it’s time for a better version now. And a classic Elektra allows for a white/bald repaint variant to stuff into some box set later on. Plus, a modern Elektra could actually turn her head without it popping off like the older version.


15 Marvel Legends in need of updating - Falcon

Sam Wilson has been a fixture in the Marvel universe long before becoming Captain America. He got a figure in the Toy Biz Marvel Legends 14 wave, but it suffered from huge ball jointed shoulders and an annoying red neck peg. Even compared to figures from that era, Falcon was slight. Next to the slightly sized up Hasbro figures, this Falcon looks like a pigeon.

Why it needs updating now? Falcon is a pretty high profile character now. Hasbro gave us the Captain Falcon attire, but now with him reverting to his standard identity it’s time for a revamped take on one of his classic red and white attires. ML 14 had the ideal costume and with a better version of that we’d have our iconic version of Falcon. Toy Biz got the wings pretty much perfect so consider that sort of set up as well.

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