Yes Lupita Nyong’o had a better San Diego Comic Con 2017 than anyone

Whether her spontaneous dance routine after seeing the Black Panther footage or going incognito in cosplay, Lupita Nyong’o had an awesome time at San Diego Comic Con 2017.

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Today on Twitter, Nyong’o shared that she got an up close and personal view of the show.

Celebrities having a little fun is cosplay is becoming an annual tradition now. Henry Cavill checked out the scene last year and in previous years Mark Ruffalo rocked a mask for the New York Comic Con last year.

Daniel Radcliffe put on a Spider-Man mask and took pictures with folk at SDCC 2014. Ditto for Game of Thrones’ Maise Williams, who also wore a Guy Fawkes mask.

Photo Credit: Lupita Nyong’o Twitter