Game of Thrones: The Queen’s Justice review Ep. 3, S7

The Queen’s Justice was another instant classic episode of Game of Thrones. The seven episode format for Season 7 has ensured that there’s no filler. There’s not a moment to be wasted and every moment is delivering. This episode had so many amazing moments it was hard to pick out the standout.

Things kick off right away with Jon arriving at Dragonstone, reconnecting with his old acquaintance Tyrion and finally meeting Daenerys. This introduction was pretty funny with Jon calmly enduring Daenerys’ one million titles and Davos only managing one simple one — the king of the North.

Queen’s Justice was a big episode for Daenerys. Jon wasn’t impressed with her go to routine of putting on airs and posturing. Why should it when his only concern has ever been stopping the White Walkers. If he’s the King of the North to accomplish that so be it. I liked that Jon outright refused to bend the knee. In their respective hero’s journey, Jon and Daenerys have defined themselves by not bowing down to others and there was no chance of starting now.

Game of Thrones The Queen's Justice review - Daenerys and Jon Snow

The main downside to Tyrion siding with Daenerys is he’s back to being a supporting player in someone else’s story line. Tyrion had a more significant role this week, first in catching up with Jon. Then he followed that up by convincing Daenerys to help Jon and give him the dragon glass. This was an incredibly important moment as Tyrion is the bridge to get Jon and Daenerys on the same page long term.

After escaping certain death last episode, Theon is discovered by some of the 2-3 Greyjoy surviving ships. They’re not happy to see him though since they know he didn’t do all he could (read: get killed) to fight off Uncle Euron.

Euron had a much warmer reception as he led Yara, Ellaria and Tyene, the last surviving Sand Snake, through the shame streets of Westeros. Euron isn’t one to leave a lady waiting long on gifts so he offers the woman who killed Cersei’s daughter before her. In a post-Ramsay Bolton era, Euron is the kind of villain GOT needed. He’s got some charisma and is an evil bastard, but there’s something admirable about someone who makes things happen.

As evil as Cersei has been throughout the series, poisoning Tyene was her most justified act. The Queen’s Justice was cruel and mean-spirited as always, but Ellaria did go for the eye first. Can’t be mad at Cersei for going for her eye. But before Cersei becomes even remotely relatable or redeemable, it seems killing children makes her horny so it’s time for another romp with Jaime. Now that she’s queen she doesn’t care who knows she’s sleeping with her brother. And with Cersei’s rep, folks probably shouldn’t get too comfortable talking about that either.Game of Thrones The Queen's Justice review - Ellaria and Tyene

Back at the Citadel, Sam’s risky gambit paid off. Jorah is cured of the greyscale. And without the need for dragon glass. Any bets on if Sam’s cure didn’t fully take and both he and Jorah will ultimately need it?

With Jon gone, Sansa is finding the leadership cloak at Winterfell an easy fit. She’s fortifying the supplies and making sure everything is set for a prolonged winter. And just for kicks, Sansa even shut Littlefinger up. Sansa has become more decisive and self-assured, but she allowed herself one vulnerable moment when she saw one of her siblings return home.

I like the fake out here as it seemed this returnee was Arya after she learned Jon was back home. But no, it’s the largely useless brother Bran. For whatever reason Bran barely seemed moved to see the sister he hadn’t seen since the first season. This was weird and Three Eye Raven Bran isn’t an especially interesting character. His coldness at describing Sansa’s wedding to Ramsay came off cruel and the detached way he mentioned wanting to talk to Jon was also off. The biggest question is will he tell Jon of his true parentage?

Game of Thrones The Queen's Justice review - Sansa and Littlefinger

Tyrion was still beating himself up for not being able to predict Euron’s attack on the Greyjoy fleet. Good thing his other plan of sending the Unsullied on Casterly Rock worked. Thanks to an underground passage Tyrion himself created as part of a lowly assignment by papa Tywin, Grey Worm and crew took Casterly Rock. But, not with a huge game changing catch.

Jaime and the majority of the Lannister army, including Bronn, seized House Tyrell. In two consecutive episodes, Daenerys’ war council has nearly been decimated. For all the great scenes in Queen’s Justice, the best had to be Jaime’s chat with Olenna. Even staring death in the face, The Queen of Thrones still managed to get off some great insults.


She seemed to pity Jaime more fully understanding he was in love with the cancer that will ultimately destroy him. Olenna said she realized she didn’t have Cersei’s imagination for cruelty. But she did have one last barb for Cersei. After taking the poison Jaime gave her, Olenna explained she was the one who killed Joffrey and she wanted Cersei to know it.

The Queen’s Justice was another strong episode in what’s been a thus far flawless season. A key alliance was struck while Cersei continues to Michael Corleone all of her rivals.

Rating: 9.7 out of 10

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