DC Comics review for the week of 8/2/17

Green Arrow #28

Green Arrow #28 cover

One thing that’s very apparent after this issue of Green Arrow – Juan Ferreyra needs to draw Superman. On a regular, semi- or every so often basis.

Green Arrow has taken his crusade to stop the Ninth Circle to Metropolis where he hopes to get Lex Luthor to see the truth before it’s too late. As a billionaire, Lex is the same position as Oliver Queen was and in high danger of losing his company. But the Ninth Circle has some new tricks up their sleeve and this cyber attack is more ruthless and dangerous than ever. Fortunately, Metropolis has the planet’s greatest hero working overtime to keep the peace.

In handling these various encounters with DC heroes, writer Benjamin Percy hasn’t always gotten them right. Flash read a little off while Wonder Woman felt truer. Percy goes classic with his take on Superman making for the best team-up since Hard Traveling Hero started.

Green Arrow #28 interior art

More than most issues throughout DC, this embodied the Rebirth spirit. Superman and Green Arrow are saving the day with smiles on their faces. Being a superhero doesn’t always have to be such an overly moody and depressing endeavor. Percy even manages the challenging task of writing the Rebirth version of Luthor like a one-percenter learning how to be a hero. Luthor is very hard to write these days, but Percy deciphered the key pretty well.

Thankfully, Percy still worked in more segments featuring Emi and Black Canary working to stop crime in Star City while Green Arrow is absent.

Ferreryra’s art was sensational here. He’s done a lot of work in darker backdrops with the fall of Seattle, but Ferreyra adds a beautiful mix of bright reds and oranges to fully capture the optimism of Metropolis. And his Superman looks truly iconic.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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