DC Comics review for the week of 8/2/17

Green Lanterns #28

Green Lanterns #28 cover

It’s amazing to think of how far this title has come since its start. The Out of Time arc has made for a fantastic read and for the first time writer Sam Humphries is adding some incredibly entertaining layers to the Green Lantern mythos.

Picking right up from last issue, Baz and Cruz meet the first seven lanterns. While Rami’s rings found seven creatures throughout the universe with the ability to overcome great fear, few of them want the responsibility of becoming Green Lanterns.

This is a fun and sensible twist on the storyline. Why would these original lanterns immediately come together as a unit? The original seven aren’t a team yet and with a wild mix of personalities, tempers rise and personal agendas quickly take precedent over stopping Volthoom. Unless the two newest Green Lanterns can somehow get their predecessors on the same page.

This set up is really inspired and Humphries seems to be gaining more and more confidence with each issue. He’s got a stronger command of Baz and Cruz’s voices to the point he can put them in wild scenarios and make it work. Even better, Humphries doesn’t play out this arc in the easy manner it seems as he adds in some surprising twists you won’t see coming.

Green Lanterns #28 interior art

Eduardo Panscia’s pencils also held up their end. Panscia seems to enjoy illustrating more alien characters as he has more leeway with their expressions and posture.

While some Rebirth titles have started faltering in Year 2, Green Lanterns seems to be gaining more and more momentum. This is a book that’s quickly starting to earn highly anticipated status and this was another outstanding issue of Rebirth’s most improved titles.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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