DC Comics review for the week of 8/2/17

Justice League #26

Justice League #26 cover

Regular Justice League readers know the drill by now. Bryan Hitch introduces some fascinating concept that’s really engaging for two to three issues before the inevitable collapse. With Justice League stories it’s normally best to enjoy the journey instead of the final destination.

Whether Legacy follows that trend is still up in the air. But in keeping with Hitch’s pattern, this opening chapter was fully engaging and promising enough to stay invested.

Most of the issue was spent 20 years in the future with the children of the Justice League making a desperate final stand. In most instances, the pairings were vague while others like Hunter, who wore a red cape and carried a golden lasso the JL parents were more obvious.

Justice League #26 interior art

Further selling this storyline is the return of artist Fernando Pasarin. Even if Legacy limps along to an underwhelming conclusion, it’s going to look terrific. Pasarin remains hindered at times with brutish, rough looking faces, but the rest of his work is high quality. From detailed backgrounds to cinematic-like camera angles, Justice League doesn’t look any better than when Pasarin is on art detail. Brad Anderson’s color work always looks better enhancing Pasarin’s work as well.

I’ll be cautiously optimistic with this one based on the book’s past, but Hitch has a good thing starting and I’m hopeful it remains a compelling read.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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