DC Comics review for the week of 8/2/17

Nightwing #26

Nightwing #26 cover

As strong as Tim Seeley’s run on Nightwing has been in establishing a new status quo for Dick Grayson, it’s rarely as good as when he explores Nightwing’s past.

In this case, it’s a more recent look back as Dick reunites with his old Spyral supervisor, The Huntress. While I wasn’t a fan of it, Giz’s death actually served a purpose beyond shock value. Nightwing and Huntress team up to track down the Second Hand, the group Nightwing believes orchestrated Giz’s murder.

Huntress has her own reasons for gunning after the Second Hand as well, but neither of them know what’s really in store. Seeley and co-writer Tom King found a great dynamic pairing Nightwing and Huntress and that easy banter returns this issue. Nightwing is always best playing off of another character whether Damian Wayne, Batman or Flash. Huntress is another stuffier vigilante capturing that classic Batman and Robin vibe.

Just as interesting as their moments, Seeley explores the fallout of Giz’s death and its impact on the Run-Offs. Even though Seeley opted to end her relationship with Nightwing, Shawn remains a key supporting character. I still think ending the relationship was a mistake, but I appreciate Shawn hasn’t been written off the book.

Nightwing #26 interior art

Javier Fernandez returns on art this issue after a lengthy absence. While there might be some more technically savvy artists who’ve worked on the book there’s something about Fernandez’s style that fits Nightwing. Maybe it’s because Fernandez recalls longtime Nightwing artist Scott McDaniel in terms of panel composition and movement? Chris Sotomayor worked in much brighter colors this time giving the issue an overall more engaging look.

Seeley going nostalgic with a Grayson era storyline definitely has my interests and the final page has me eagerly awaiting the next issue. If you needed a good jump-on point this is an easy recommendation.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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