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Like a lot of us, Keith Black questioned how someone could be a celebrity simply from releasing a sex tape. With Celebrity Sex Tape, Black spoofs the instant celebrity mentality and the crumbling standards of fame.

Not to be confused with the 2012 film, Celebrity Sex Tape is a funny and ironically spot-on take on the do anything mindset to be famous. Black does triple duty as the writer, director and star playing … Keith Black.


Desperate to break into Hollywood, Keith Black has determined his best shot at the big time is by making a sex tape. The only problem is he’s not some fresh-faced, perky bodied hottie. And no in-demand starlet from Paris Hilton to Beyonce wants anything to do with him.

With the help of a dutiful secretary Rachel (Jaclyn Sokol), Black starts thinking outside the box leading to some funny moments. Sokol hasn’t broken through yet, but has appeared in a dozen projects since 2008. She has that likable best girl friend demeanor that makes for any easy fit in any romantic comedy. Black has a Woody Allen style delivery and awkwardness, which works great for this role.

The eight minute short isn’t overly flashy — the graphic fonts look dated — but is otherwise technically proficient. Transitions are solid and the lighting is good. Black is a New York City teacher who dabbles in movies on summer break. With this encouraging and entertaining effort, I’m interested in seeing what else Black has in store. And how he’d fare with a longer project.

For now, give Celebrity Sex Tape a chance. It’s a quick, but funny look at the endless quest for fame and true love.

Photo Credit: Keith Black

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