DC Comics reviews for 8/9/17

Action Comics #985

Action Comics #985 variant cover

Dan Jurgens takes a well-earned breather while Rob Williams (Suicide Squad) steps in for the Only Human arc.

The Machinist is using stolen Lexcorp technology to mind control unwitting pawns across various nations. After some brief posturing, the two decide to team up. Superman has already given Luthor the benefit of the doubt several times now yet Williams continues the trend of having Superman and Lex do this ‘you can trust me’ conversation. At this point it’s not a fresh interaction and just reads like a waste of pages. Especially after Superman just called on Lex for help in fighting Zod in the last arc.

Naturally, Williams goes the predictable route of having Luthor and Superman fight off in a mind-controlled battle. SuperLex has been a surprisingly fun change to the Superman status quo and this just reads like a step backwards.

Action Comics #985 interior art

Guillem March handles the art chores. March did great work on Gotham City Sirens and his style fit the sultry pinup style for that title. For more traditional superhero books, his work hasn’t been nearly as impressive. That’s again the case with this issue. Too often, March gives Superman the old school Captain Marvel treatment with closed eyes and overly dramatic facial expressions.

There’s not a lot to be excited about with this issue from a writing or artistic perspective. Jurgens returns in another issue for The Oz Effect and it might be best for regular readers to just wait for issue #987 as there’s little to enjoy here.

Rating: 5 out of 10

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