DC Comics reviews for 8/9/17

Detective Comics #962

Detective Comics #962 cover

Intelligence didn’t have the smoothest conclusion, but a number of late breaking developments should encourage Detective readers. There’s spoilers in this review so be forewarned. More on those in a little bit.

Writer James Tynion IV took Team Batman’s battle with Ascalon too far into the metaphysical realm, which didn’t quite click. With Zatanna and her magical all-knowing sphere and Azarael fighting Ascalon on multiple plains, there wasn’t a lot for most of the team to do beyond standing and watching. At its best, Detective utilizes all team members.

Artist Alvaro Martinez struggled trying to visualize Tynion’s ideas for the big finale. Some pages were confusing and it wasn’t entirely clear what was supposed to be occurring. On the more straightforward action sequences, the art was solid, but I’ll chalk this up to overly complicated direction from Tynion.

Detective Comics #962 interior art

In the end, Tynion’s grand magic experiment didn’t really pay off. Detective works better with grounded enemies and obstacles. And it was more than a little disappointing that Zatanna isn’t sticking around. Now on to the spoilers…

Obviously, the biggest is definitely that Batman now knows Tim Drake is still alive. The last thing the hyper obsessive Batman needs is to know the surrogate son he thought he’d lost is still alive. There’s no telling what he’ll do to find him now. Maybe even as soon as Metal?

We got more insight on Jean Paul Valley’s family and that his father is alive and aligned with Ra’s al Ghul. That has possibilities. Although underwhelmed with how Intelligence wrapped, I’m pumped for the repercussions of the new revelations and how Tynion will develop them going forward.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10