DC Comics reviews for 8/9/17

Justice League of America #12

Justice League of America #12 variant cover

There were two big draws for this new arc of Justice League of America. The first was the team’s search for original Atom Ray Palmer. And the other was the return of artist Ivan Reis. Even the most mediocre book is worth reading with Reis’ pencils. So far Panic in the Microverse is above such low designation and is a more engaging and exciting setup than most JLA plots.

Ryan Choi has been awaiting a signal from his mentor Ray Palmer before he first donned the Atom suit. After finally receiving an alert, Ryan takes Batman, Killer Frost and Lobo into the Microverse to track him down. The team breakdown is solid even though Killer Frost is clearly one of writer Steve Orlando’s favorites. It’d be nice to see Black Canary and Vixen get as much meaningful screen time occasionally.

Maybe not surprisingly, Reis’ artwork is the highlight of the issue. Orlando gives him some fun setups to work with in envisioning the Microverse and Reis delivers. Marcelo Maiolo’s colors popped nicely. If you’re interested in the book for the art alone you won’t be disappointed.

Justice League of America #12 interior art

This story had more of a classic JLA tone with some of the team going to a new, unexplored environment with dangers at every possible turn. When the team meets up with Palmer it’s not entirely what they were expecting, but it’s a great homage for older Atom stories.

While this isn’t one of my regular reads any more, this first chapter was entertaining enough to keep my interest for next issue. It might not be a turning point for the series, but it has to start somewhere and this is a good enough beginning.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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