DC Comics reviews for 8/9/17

Titans #14

Titans #14 cover

The Titans tackle one of Tempest’s old threats while the team’s traitor is revealed.

I’ll keep arguing about it, but Titans is DC’S monthly book that would benefit from the bi-weekly schedule the most. With so many books progressing their stories quicker, Titans feels like it’s moving in slow motion. This is a case where the traditional release schedule hurts as DC has trained readers to expect quicker story resolution.

Keeping reader interest is the toughest challenge for writer Dan Abnett. Given Titans’ format, Abnett might want to consider doing more one-off stories with quicker resolutions. This goes against the norm for the old school story presentation, but Titans’ longer form story arcs are better suited for trade reading than the monthly pickups.

To his credit, Abnett does dutiful work giving all the characters page time and working in new combinations. The fun of Titans is the flexibility in terms of pairing various characters. Abnett also further explored the tension from Donna and Wally dating and its impact on Roy. This could easily fall into goofy soap opera territory, but Abnett is handling it well.

I wasn’t as big a fan of the traitor’s reveal. It almost felt too obvious because it was the least likeliest candidate. But because of that it doesn’t really make a lot of sense in the bigger picture. I’m more interested in the Mal and Gnarrk subplot as that features an intriguing pairing and is more straightforward.

Titans #14 interior art

Brett Booth is back on art, which is great for the action sequences. Booth still tends to be overly dramatic with facial expressions during the less dynamic moments. Characters look like they’re overacting on some pages. I guess that’s a workable compromise for the fun layouts Booth provides.

Waiting another month is too long to see where Abnett is going. Titans continues to be an entertaining read, but the slower pacing is starting to become a little tiresome.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: DC Comics

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