Kill or Be Killed #11 review

Kill or Be Killed #11 went in some interesting directions with an unusual amount of optimism before a stunning ending.


Dylan thinks he’s doing better. After last issue’s twist of his father painting the same demon that’s terrorizing him, Dylan is seemingly cured of his desire to kill. He even goes so far as to retire his vigilante alter ego. But just when he wants to get out and square things with Kira, they pull him back in. And when it’s the Russian mafia, escape isn’t much of an option. Now, it’s smooth sailing… until he takes a body count and realizes he messed up.

Writer Ed Brubaker has set up a really engaging story. What’s best is how easy it is to follow for newcomers. There’s not this overwhelming continuity that makes it impossible to jump on. Brubaker sets up a quick learning curve and Dylan makes for a strongly accessible main character. Dylan sounds like a regular, logical person. Even his attempts to figure out the mystery of the demon visions makes sense.


I’m a new fan, but already a big one of Sean Phillips’ artwork. The layouts are creative with a great flair in the vigilante action sequences, but Phillips is able to shift gears for the quieter moments. A scene with Dylan and Kira taking a walk in the park makes for a terrific contrast to the red masked killer taking out criminals. I can almost envision the screeching horror movie style music playing while Dylan recalls his past.

Elizabeth Brietweiser’s colors, specifically the dark blacks and reds, really further sell this story and keep the reader eagerly turning to the next page.

Kill or Be Killed #11 maintains the series’ excellent track record that sets up some fun new challenges for Dylan.

Photo Credit: Image Comics