DC Comics reviews for the week of 8/16/17

Green Lanterns #29

Green Lanterns #29 cover

Green Lanterns is low key one of DC’s best underrated titles on the market right now. The Out of Time storyline has truly delivered and it’s bringing out the best not just in the characters but the creative team as well.

Sam Humphries has had some solid ideas since his run as writer started, but none have been as inspired as this arc. The original Green Lanterns are a rag tag group with no idea how to use their rings and little incentive to use them to stop Volthoom. It’s up to the two most inexperienced Lanterns in Baz and Cruz to train them and get them to care about something more than themselves.

I know eventually this arc has to end, but I’m loving the premise of the rookie Lanterns training the inspiration for the rest of the Corps. The First Lanterns are a great mix of diverse characters and I kind of want to see what else Humphries could do with them on a longer basis. DC hasn’t done a lot of mini-series under the Rebirth banner, but a First Lanterns one has some potential.

Green Lanterns #29 interior art

Eduardo Pansica is stepping up his art as well. He’s doing a stellar job of establishing the First Lanterns personalities with striking expressions and movement. The pages looked sharp and Alex Sollazzo’s colors really stood out this issue.

If you’re not reading Green Lanterns now, you’re missing out on a consistently entertaining book that just keeps getting better every issue.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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