DC Comics reviews for 8/23/17

Batgirl #14

Batgirl #14 cover

There’s no better way to recapture some lost readers or attract new ones than having Nightwing drop by for a team-up. The key with these guest star issues is to give readers enough incentive to stick around. I’d lapsed on my Batgirl reading, but this was a fun reminder I might want to put the title back in regular rotation.

Nightwing swings into town and partners up with Batgirl on a case with ties to their first mission. But how will they do that when the suspect and the victim are the same person?

Writer Hope Larson really has Batgirl’s voice down and has no problem making Nightwing sound just as authentic as he does in his title. Larson adds a generous amount of flashbacks to help flesh out the early interaction between Barbara and Dick. Just as impressive as the current day handling of the characters, Larson makes the flashback Babs and Dick sound appropriately like modern teenagers. There’s none of that awkward dialogue where Larson tries to be cool and it reads all the more genuine as a result.

Batgirl #14 interior art

Chris Wildgoose’s art is loose and playful without being overly cartoony like some previous Batgirl artists. Wildgoose’s pencils aren’t particularly detailed, but the characters are expressive enough to carry the plot and emotion forward.

This first installment of Summer of Lies was definitely an encouraging start for this Nightwing team-up and is a nice reminder of what non-Batgirl reads have been missing.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10