DC Comics reviews for 8/23/17

Hal Jordan and the
Green Lantern Corps #27

Hal Jordan and the Green Lanterns Corps #27 cover

Fall of the Gods rolls on with Hal and Kyle trying to stop DC’s answer to a Celestial from killing Orion. So far this arc has been a fun change of pace from the Sinestro Corps storyline and furthering the Green Lanterns charge of being the last line of defense from intergalactic threats.

Writer Robert Venditti takes a bit to get going this issue. Hal Jordan battles the Golem, which has a special mission to destroy Orion, while Kyle tries to keep Orion safe.

Orion’s dialogue doesn’t match up to what non new-52 readers might expect. Venditti almost makes Orion sound like Guy Gardner than Darkseid’s son. Once the Lanterns devise a plan to stop the Golem, the issue really gets going.

One of the more interesting aspect of this issue is tangible connections to Dark Night Metal, specifically one of the most in-demand metals in the DC universe right now. And John has to divide his forces again on a daring mission to find two important members of the New Gods. Venditti does a good job this issue of incorporating more Lanterns, but I’d like to see a greater variety in terms of the selection process for important missions. Sure, Hal is the title character, yet it’d be fun for him to team up with Kilowog or Arisia sometimes too.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lanterns Corps #27 interior art

Rafa Sandoval’s art was back up to form after a rare misfire in issue #26. Tomeu Morey’s look washed out giving the issue a dull, faded presentation. I’d be interested in seeing how colorist Jason Wright’s work would complement Sandoval’s art since he brings a more vibrant pop to the multi-colored Lantern world.

It’s fun not seeing where Venditti plans on taking this story as there’s a slew of possibilities. So far, this has been another solid arc in a title where that’s the expectation.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10