The Walking Dead Sasha figure review

It’s funny how things work sometimes. I posted on The Fwoosh if anyone still saw The Walking Dead Sasha figure and the next day I found it myself. McFarlane Toys’ line is on life support thanks to Walgreens keeping it going. For the sake of spoilers, Sasha had a memorable season last year and I was glad she made the cut for release.

Packaging:  Sasha’s smaller size has the unfortunate side effect of making the packaging look really uninspired. The smoky backdrop isn’t the most exciting, but the color scheme shows Sasha off well at least. The back of the package is a weird hybrid of the remaining Walgreens exclusive 5 inch figures, the 7 inch Color Tops figures and the 10 inch Glenn figure.

The Walking Dead Sasha figure review -wide pic

Likeness:  The longer McFarlane Toys had with this line the better the sculpts seemed to get. Sasha is right in the running for best sculpt in the line. Some of the figures need more of a squint up close look to see the actor likeness, but this one is obvious right away. The Color Tops figures have some amazing likenesses, but this one looks like a great representation of Sonequa Martin-Green in this scale.

Photo Credit: AMC


The Walking Dead Sasha figure review -head tilt

I could go on raving about the head sculpt, but the rest of the figure looks great too. This attire choice was a pretty easy one to find reference pictures on and MT nailed it. Everything from the buckle placement on her straps, the texture pattern of her sweater and even how the sweater hangs is dead on.

The Walking Dead Sasha figure review - scale with Maggie, Abraham and Tyrese

Scale:  Sasha was smaller than most of the guys and her figure reflects that shorter stature just fine.

The Walking Dead Sasha figure review -with Maggie talking to Aaron

Paint:  I’ve complained a ton about the caked on paint apps that ruin some of the face sculpts in the line. Sasha avoids another legacy curse of the line and even better features a skin tone that really matches up well with Martin.

There was a couple of weird scuff marks on the sweater, but otherwise the outfit was fine. McFarlane Toys used to add a lot more grime and dirt to the jeans and boots. I prefer this cleaner look though.

The Walking Dead Sasha figure review -with with gear on

Articulation:  This pesky articulation model has doomed a lot of Walking Dead figures, but Sasha largely manages to avoid it. When the line got revamped, the figures got revised articulation, but it wasn’t all that useful. Sasha benefits from the last round model with hinge hips, knees that bend back enough for seated positions and an articulated waist.

The Walking Dead Sasha figure review -aiming scope

I was shocked Sasha can actually be posed in a kneeled sniper position. I do wish her feet had articulation as it would make for easier stability — Sasha maintains the line’s legacy issue of being tricky to stand beyond that one sweet spot.

The Walking Dead Sasha figure review - with Maggie

Sasha has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • waist
  • hip
  • knee
  • ankle

Accessories:  Sasha is loaded for a battle with Negan and The Saviors. She’s got a knife, pistol, pouch and heavy machine gun with scope. The gun strap is probably the most annoying as it’s slightly oversized and tends to slide off her shoulder with just a look. You’ll also want to superglue the pouch in place as it falls off easily too.

The Walking Dead Sasha figure review -aiming gun side

Worth it? Ouch that sticker price. At $15 there’s a definite exclusive price tag mark up here. For the same price on the right week you can get 6 inch Marvel Legends figures with alternate head sculpts and a Build a Figure piece. I’ll cut the figure a break here due to the presumably smaller release run as a Walgreens exclusive.

The Walking Dead Sasha figure review -holding knife

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

With few GI Joes in this scale, there’s not a lot of competition, but Sasha might be a shoe-in for 5” female figure of the year. As is she’s one of the best of the entire Walking Dead line.


The Walking Dead Sasha figure review - with Abraham

Where to get it?  As a Walgreens exclusive, check there first. If you strike out there, you can always get her through Amazon or eBay.