Mattel Elite Isaac Yankem figure review SDCC 2017 exclusive

WWE’s New Generation was admittedly a weird time in the annals of wrestling history. The roster was widely comprised of occupations from race car drivers, farmers, garbage men and pirates. But few were as goofy and fun as Isaac Yankem, DDS.

I’m a sucker for bad puns so I liked Yankem. And as far as relatable heel characters, an evil dentist is pretty clever. Mattel has gotten into a nice habit of making niche characters San Diego Comic Con exclusives. First there was the Shockmaster and for 2017, we get Isaac Yankem. Time to bore down into this review (heh-heh).

Packaging:  This has become a trend now, but Mattel tends to get excessively creative with the non-regular Elite package. I really like the unique touches like the saw blade in the upper right corner and the portrait with the dentist chair in the background.

The rear package is even more fun as it’s set up like a file folder. There’s some cool Easter Eggs like the file number being the year of Yankem’s debut and the identity crisis line.

WWE Elite Isaac Yankem figure review -wide pic

Likeness:  I dig the headsculpt. It’s got a nice snarl, which was Yankem’s almost constant expression. The hair has the nice frizzy curl Yankem had as well. That’s important as this is otherwise a plain figure.

Yankem wore sweat pants with an elastic top. Hardly the most exciting ring wear. Mattel just went with a basic pants mold, which isn’t noticeable with the lab coat on, but looks a little silly with the belt loops.


Scale:  Yankem was about seven feet tall and his figure reflects that as he’s just as tall as the massive Diesel and Undertaker figures. Somehow that makes a dentist all the more intimidating.

WWE Elite Isaac Yankem figure review -scale with The Undertaker, Bret Hart and Diesel

Paint:  With the sweat pants there’s not a lot to do detail wise from a paint perspective. Until you look closer at the teeth. They’ve got the ironically nice amount of grime that you don’t want to see from a dentist. The hair lacks a wash to capture more of Yankem’s dark blonde hair.

Articulation:  Isaac has the same Elite articulation we’ve come to expect with the line. He was more of a brawler and as such there’s no big move you can’t accomplish.

WWE Elite Isaac Yankem figure review -sending Undertaker to the turnbuckle

Yankem has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hip
  • knee (double jointed)
  • ankle

Accessories:  Yankem comes with all the accessories he needs with his dentist coat and headgear. I really appreciate the coat being made of cloth instead of plastic.

WWE Elite Isaac Yankem figure review -with lab coat and headgear

That makes for nice and simple removal and it looks fine since it doesn’t need a ton of intricate detail. The Velcro is smartly arranged further to the left side to better simulate the way a lab coat would look. The headgear fits snugly atop his head and won’t fly off.

Worth it? Despite the exclusive nature, you’re just paying the standard $20 for Yankem.  And there might be a chance to get him later for reduced price since the figure is starting to show up in stores.

Rating:  9.5 out of 10

For some reason the pants top is annoying enough I can’t unsee it. Beyond that this is a great figure for a flash in the pan New Generation character.

WWE Elite Isaac Yankem figure review -dental work with Jerry Lawler

Where to get it?  This is a Toys R Us exclusive so that’s the first and second choice. It’s more a matter of if you’ll find him in stores or have to get him from If you get desperate you could go the route.