Crosswind #3 review

If it isn’t outright my favorite book right now, Crosswind is definitely in the top three. This is such a creative idea and each issue keeps surpassing the previous one.


For the third issue, writer Gail Simone further ups the stakes. Gangster Cason, now in Juniper’s body, may be out of the streets, but you can’t take the streets out of him. The sight of a housewife suddenly beating down kids bullying Juniper’s stepson and the harassing teens made the issue. Crosswind is a book that’s always reliable for some solid laughs. Simone is playing up the absurdity of this scenario perfectly making for an amazing read.

Juniper’s issues in Cason’s body are just as engaging as she tries to avoid being caught in a mob love triangle and escape federal investigators. A lot of the best moments in Cason’s scenes come about from artist Cat Staggs truly grasping the difference in body language from a man and woman.


Staggs’ artwork continues to be a major treat. Her style kind of reminds me of the old Max Payne video games with this realistic animated visual. Each page looks tremendous and Staggs creates genuine expressions in her characters to further sell this reality style. Staggs’ color choices never disappoint and the cell-shading reminiscent technique really impresses.

There’s some fun moments when Juniper and Cason are reminded of the very unfamiliar body parts. But the most interesting aspect of this issue was how the two don’t seem to mind their predicament as much.


As much fun as this issue was, Simone sets up some intriguing subplots for next issue and beyond. Will Juniper continue playing out Cason’s affair with a fellow hitman? And how will Case deal with the news of Juniper’s husband’s infidelity.

I love this book and if you’re not reading it yet, you’re really missing out on one of the best reads in all of comics.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics