Official Hasbro Black Panther products and BAF Sasquatch pics

Hasbro is still unwinding from HasCon, but they were kind enough to send along pics of the BAF Sasquatch and Black Panther pics.

Of all the seemingly obvious Build A Figure anchors for the Deadpool wave, Sasquatch was a surprise. Toy Biz made a Sasquatch that holds up decent. One look at the BAF Sasquatch though and it’s clear another Toy Biz figure isn’t much longer for the shelf.

Marvel Deadpool Legends Series 6-inch (Sasquatch) - Build A Figure - Copy

The Deadpool wave is so strong though that the BAF was almost a non-factor. This is really a case of getting a figure for free anyway. Now with a BAF Sasquatch, I’m gonna need Hasbro to start prioritizing Alpha Flight figures.


The other reveals were various 12-inch and more affordable 6 inch figures for the Black Panther onslaught of products. I can’t lie, I’m thrilled Hasbro is going all-in with Black Panther merchandise.

I’m impressed with Hasbro’s not quite Marvel Legends Black Panther figures. While they don’t have the level of detail and articulation, they look much better than the comparable DC Justice League figures.

I am VERY intrigued about that Panther vehicle/jet. If this is in the movie I am probably going to flip out in the theater.

Check out the various role play items as well. There’s a ton of good stuff and more than a few options I might rock while watching said first screening of the film.


Photo Credit: Hasbro