DC Comics reviews for the week of 9/13/17

Titans #15

Titans #15 variant cover

My endless frustration that is monthly installments of Titans continues. As usual, I’ll kick off this review that this is DC’s one Rebirth title that would benefit the most from a bi-weekly release schedule.

After the build up last issue, the reveal of the team’s mole just as quickly gets brushed aside. For the the viable candidates, writer Dan Abnett probably could have gone with a more suspenseful one that Nightwing. It’s not like he’s Captain America and going full traitor throughout the DC universe. At least Abnett comes up with a plausible explanation for Nightwing’s ‘betrayal.’

The more interesting subplot is the reveal of yet another menace. One that’s got even Psimon shook. Whoever this villain is, there’s some sort of connection with feathers? With Raven busy in Teen Titans, the options are limited so let the speculation commence.

Titans #15 interior art

Brett Booth’s art is always so much fun because he rarely sets up static pages. There’s always some creative panel arrangement and dynamic layout that makes the pedestrian exciting. Andrew Dalhouse’s colors seem a little flat however and lack the pop that would really set off Booth’s work.

As for the cliffhanger ending? It’s a little early to start killing off characters so I’m not buying it, but very curious to see how Abnett handles this one. There hasn’t been a lot of Titans issues that have failed to anxiously have me awaiting the next issue. That’s definitely the case here and it’s time for the next 30 day countdown.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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