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Wonder Woman #30

Wonder Woman #30 cover

Heart of the Amazon was a very strong arc and entertaining enough to make a case that writer Shea Fontana should stay on the title. The finale lacked a lot of what’s made Fontana’s run so much fun.

Diana confronts the culprit behind her blood theft and has to tangle with their super powered squad. Fontana didn’t seem entirely clear how she wanted to write the squad so they alternate from page to page if they’re evil, possessed or just highly aggressive.

I also didn’t like Fontana’s fascination with Etta Candy and Steve Trevor. While they’re enjoyable supporting characters, I’d rather see Wonder Woman handle problems without their constant assistance. Wonder Woman is one of the few heroes that’s just more fun kicking tail on their own.

It was also a little disappointing Fontana didn’t wrap the young Diana flashbacks to tie in their random appearances throughout the arc. Fontana seemed like she was building to something with them and their absence this issue was puzzling.

Wonder Woman #30 interior

Those are minor quibbles though as most of the blame falls on artist David Messina. His panels had little energy particularly during the fight scenes. The characters looked flat and their movements seemed stiff. It’s like Messina ‘captured’ them before or just after a move instead of right in the peak action moment. Some of the layouts were also confusing making it challenging to determine what was going on at various points.

Next issue starts off James Robinson’s run on the title. Fontana held the golden lasso well for most of her run, but it would have been more indicative of her efforts to end on a high note.

Rating: 5 out of 10

Image Credit: DC Comics

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