DC Comics reviews for the week of 9/13/17

Action Comics #987

Action Comics #987 cover

Mr. Oz finally reveals himself to Superman in a shocking opening chapter of The Oz Effect.

He’s watched from the sidelines and occasionally aided Superman, but now Mr. Oz puts his long gestating plan to action. And not even Superman can save everyone in Oz’s sights.

Since his arrival, fans have speculated on his identity. While one was the clear favorite, writer Dan Jurgens went another direction that makes for a far more personal story.

While it might seem somewhat gimmicky, Jurgens has more than earned patience and trust to see what’s in store. I’m really intrigued and excited about how this will play out.

Action Comics #987 interior art

Viktor Bogdanovic arrives as artist for this arc. Bogdanovic has more of a cartoonish style with elongated faces and big eyes. His work isn’t the best fit for Action Comics with the more serious tone, but he’s technically very proficient so the panels look fine.

Bogdanovic art style is strong enough it holds up even under three different inkers.

The Oz Effect gets off to a very strong start. This has been one of the most anticipated stories of the Rebirth era and so far it hasn’t disappointed. It’ll be fun to see where Jurgens takes the story next issue.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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