DC Comics reviews for the week of 9/13/17

Dark Nights: Metal #2

Dark Night Metal #2 Jim Lee cover

Metal’s second issue is one mind-blowing, wow moment after another. Every page seems to have some gloriously over the top triumph. I’ve read a ton of really great reads from DC since Rebirth started and this is legit the most excited and thrilled I’ve been to turn every page in a long time.

Metal has been one of Rebirth’s most highly anticipated events and so far writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo are ensuring it’s been worth every bit of hype.


There is a ton of crazy moments here from a Batman squadron, the debut of the Bat Hog, the new Legion of Doom and more. Metal just keeps on bringing amazing scenarios and This is the comic book equivalent to a Michael Bay movie provided Bay cared about plot and character beyond a ton of explosions and insane action.

Superman and Wonder Woman lead the manhunt for Batman before he does something crazy. Worse, Superman is detecting a very unusual emotion in his old friend — fear.

Dark Night Metal #2 interior art

Snyder digs deep into DC recent continuity for this issue connecting plot threads from his works as well as other esteemed DC creators. And just when it seems like the shocks have stopped, Snyder unleashes some more imaginative scenarios.

Capullo doesn’t let up either. There’s maybe a handful of artists who could do justice to this script, but none could deliver the required raw bombastic energy of Capullo.

Above all else, Metal is just an incredibly amazing book. Whether you’re a DC scholar or don’t even know Cyborg’s real name, this is too fun to miss.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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