DC Comics reviews for the week of 9/13/17

Detective Comics #964

Detective Comics #964 variant cover

Dystopia proved a fun two-parter keeping up with Spoiler’s whereabouts as she considers an alliance with Anarky. Regular writer James Tynion IV just contributed plot assistance, but guest writer Christopher Sebela handled the story just fine.

Since splitting from Team Batman, Spoiler has repeatedly been recruited to sign up with anti-Batman factions. Anarky at least offers a safe haven with some of Spoilers friends and a potential new love interest.

Meanwhile, Clayface keeps trying to test his limits in order to prevent the monster within from fully emerging. I’m very glad Clayface got more attention this arc and his friendship with Orphan has been one of the book’s pleasant surprises. I was curious what was going on with other team members Batwing, Batwoman and Azrael.

Detective Comics #964 interior art

Artist Carmen Carnero did solid work. The only gripe is the frequent use of two page layouts, which makes for difficult reading for digital consumers. Carnero really cut loose with the Clayface sequences reminding how imposing a threat he can be when he gets angry. Carnero’s work is probably the closest to Eddy Barrows’ style making for a nice throwback feel to the earlier Rebirth era.

Predictably, Batman shows up to tell Spoiler the truth about Anarky, but will he be able to tell her the biggest news? Detective Comics has steadied after some rough patches and is in a very good place right now. With next issue featuring a highly demanded story, Detective has regained its momentum.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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