DC Comics reviews for the week of 9/13/17

Justice League of America #14

Justice League of America #14 cover

Panic in the Microverse just wouldn’t be the same without Ivan Reis drawing it. Steve Orlando’s script can get overly complicated and a little busy, but all is right with Justice League of America behind Reis’ pencils.

While Batman, Killer Frost and a one-armed Lobo trying to prevent a riot, Atom travels further into the Microverse to gain help from the powerful Moz-Ga. If he’s successful, the Microverse just might be saved and even better yet, help the team find the missing Ray Palmer.

Reis must be loving the various scenarios Orlando is creating as he’s got the chance to just let his imagination go nuts. There’s so much universe establishing detail that there actually feels like something is at stake to lose. Reis also does fantastic work in expressing the characters showcasing their personalities easily with snarls, smiles and remorse. He’s one of DC’s best storytellers and this has been a terrific spotlight for his work. Marcelo Maiolo’s colors are also fantastic with a wonderfully vibrant color scheme.

Justice League of America #14 interior art

These random interludes aren’t doing a lot beyond Orlando letting readers know other events are occurring outside the Microverse. That’s not a bad idea, but Orlando is putting down a few breadcrumbs instead of useful plot points to dissect later.

I’m still not fully sold on the main story yet, but this feels much more like a classic JLA adventure than some of the earlier missteps. It’s good to see Orlando do something new and rewarding to see it paying off with a fun story free of politics and topical storylines. If this keeps up, Justice League of America might just work out after all.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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