DC Comics reviews for the week of 9/13/17

Mister Miracle #2

Mister Miracle #2 cover

Tom King is creating something very special with Mister Miracle. The first issue was a strong indicator, but with the second, it’s clear this is going to be one of 2017’s best.

Orion has let the power and prestige of being Highfather get to his head. As the war against Darkseid’s forces continues, he’s sending Mister Miracle and Big Barda on numerous campaigns to turn the tide. King makes an interesting statement on war and how it potentially numbs soldiers to the endless loss of life.

The character work is exceptional. King has a great grasp on the dynamic of the half brother Orion and Mister Miracle. It’s not violent like Kalibak and Orion, but there’s a certain level of unease whenever they’re together. And each fully needs their confidant/best friend of Lightray and Big Barda.

Mister Miracle #2 interior art

Mitch Gerads pencils are such a perfect match for this story. It’s a simple setup with nine panel pages, but Gerads effectively tells so much in each page it never feels repetitive. Gerads makes some cool choices with the colors like a muted magenta for the battlefield with the brightest color being the green blood of parademons. What I like the most about Gerads work is you can look at it on one level, but there’s another layer that tells a deeper visual story.

King starts instilling a greater sense of mystery and paranoia this issue. Who exactly can Scott and Barda trust? What was Metron’s visit about and why is Granny Goodness acting so nice all of a sudden?

Free of ongoing continuity, King is able to just tell a great story and this issue made for another fantastic read. This is definitely going to be one latecomers are going to be sorry they waited to start reading. Don’t make that mistake and get on this title now.

Rating: 10 out of 10