DC Comics reviews for the week of 9/13/17

The Flash #30

The Flash #30 cover

The Flash has found an exhilarating new lane of excitement since the Negative Speed Force arc started. It’s always been one of the more consist Rebirth reads, but now Flash is hitting a really intriguing and fresh new stride.

Barry is still learning the full side effects of his negative tainted speed powers. And it’s not just when he triggers his super speed as he’s now experiencing from very out of character moments when he’s out of costume.

Things get further complicated when Barry learns the culprit behind the crime lab thefts and unwittingly creates his latest Rogue, Bloodwork.

Writer Joshua Williamson has been killing it on the book lately and he’s having fun with this twist on The Flash. Bloodwork is a fresh Rogue and represents a different power set. And smartly, Bloodwork is in on the Rogue gimmick and embraces it.

The Flash #30 interior art

Neil Googe has been a reliable fill-in artist for the book, but this was his finest work yet. Googe crafts some inspired panels and is really dialed in with the murder mystery vibe Williamson is going for and sets up clever angles and perspectives.

I’m really enjoying this current direction of The Flash. This has been a daring departure for the norm from what readers have come to expect from this book and it’s truly delivered.

Rating: 10 out of 10