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Kurt Angle’s Milk-a-Mania splashing to WWE Epic Moments Line

We got another round of WWE figure news today courtesy of the amazing figure informant aka Chicago. Wasn’t a slew of Elite news as it largely focused on Tough Talkers, the Superstar line and new plush dolls. But there were a couple of gems that caught my eye including the most unique WWE two pack yet – Milk-a-Mania.

WWE Wrestlemania 34 Elite

John Cena, Brutus Beefcake, Kevin Owens and Randy Orton

This is an interesting set. Clearly Brutus is a Flashback. Considering Mattel already cranked out a pretty great Barber era version, I’m pulling for a Wrestlemania 2 Dream Team figure. Heel Brutus was one of the slew of challengers that battled Hulk Hogan in the glory years and the Dream Team was a fun combination.

WWE randy orton wrestlemania 20

Since Mattel bizarrely went for the most boring possible Randy Orton flashback, I’m hoping they fix that here. Of the various Wrestlemania options is his Wrestlemania 20 attire with actual colorful tights. It’s more likely we’re just getting a boring modern day version, but maybe there’s a chance?

WWE Epic Moments

Capture the action with this WWE elite collection epic moments raw two-pack featuring Kurt angle and Stephanie McMahon figures. This two-pack celebrates the raw milk truck Episode (2000) where Kurt angle drove a milk truck in the ring and showered ‘the Alliance’ with milk inside the arena (including Stephanie McMahon).

This bold and colorful two-pack features these two elite figures with deluxe articulation, detailed character expressions, authentic ring attire and accessories. Kurt angle comes with a length of hose to place in his hand to recreate the epic moment.

Stephanie McMahon figure comes with interchangeable heads to show her appearance both pre-and-post milk cannon soaking! relieve the epic moments of this wild raw Episode and let the soaking battle begin! colors and decorations may vary.

This is a really weird and amazing set. I appreciate Mattel immediately getting into the Angle Flashback business hard. The real lure here will be if it’s a different expression.

Angle wore street clothes enough in backstage segments and interviews with Edge and Christian to warrant grabbing this one. I like the idea of this Stephanie more for being the butt of all of Chris Jericho’s jokes. Alternate heads? Now that sounds promising. Even more so if that would carry over to the main Elite line.


Here’s the full reveals

WWE WrestleMania 34 Series (Basics)

WWE Wrestle Mania AJ Styles Action Figure
WWE Wrestle Mania Bayley Action Figure (UPC: 887961573640)
WWE Wrestle Mania Dean Ambrose Action Figure (UPC: 887961573626)
WWE Wrestle Mania Big Show Action Figure (UPC: 887961573619)
WWE Wrestle Mania Seth Rollins Action Figure (UPC: 887961573602)
WWE Wrestle Mania Mojo Rawley Action Figure (UPC: 887961573657)

WWE WrestleMania 34 Series (Battle Packs)

WWE Wrestle Mania Battle Pack #1 Figure Action
WWE Wrestle Mania Battle Pack #2 Figure Action
WWE Wrestle Mania Battle Pack #3 Figure Action (UPC: 887961573695

WWE Superstars Line (6″ Figures)

WWE Superstars Alexa Bliss Action Figure
WWE Superstars Natalya Action Figure
WWE Girls Superstar Naomi Figure Action (UPC: 887961532319)
WWE Girls Superstar Becky Lynch Figure Action (UPC: 887961532326)


WWE Superstars Line (12″ Figures)

WWE Superstars Bayley Fashion Doll Action Figure
WWE Superstars Naomi Fashion Doll Action Figure
WWE Girls Superstar Charlotte Flair Figure Action (UPC: 887961532432)
WWE Superstars Alicia Fox Fashion Doll Action Figure (UPC: 887961587692)
WWE Superstars Sasha Banks Doll & Fashion Action Figure
WWE Girls Superstar Alexa Bliss Figure Action (UPC: 887961642070)

WWE Superstars Line (6″ Ultimate Fan Packs)

WWE Superstars Charlotte Flair Ultimate Fan Pack Action Figure (UPC: 887961532494)
WWE Girls Asuka Ultimate Fan Pack Action Figure (UPC: 887961532500)
WWE Superstars Sasha Banks Ultimate Fan Pack Action Figure (UPC: 887961609301)
WWE Superstars Bayley Ultimate Fan Pack Action Figure (UPC: 887961609325)

WWE Tough Talkers Total Tag Team Series (Singles)

WWE Tough Talkers Total Tag Team AJ Styles Action Figure (UPC: 887961573947)
WWE Tough Talkers Total Tag Team Sting Action Figure (UPC: 887961573909)
WWE Tough Talkers Total Tag Team Randy Orton Action Figure (UPC: 887961573923)
WWE Tough Talkers Total Tag Team Xavier Woods Action Figure (UPC: 887961573930)

WWE Tough Talkers Series 3 (Singles)

Undertaker Redeco Figure Action (UPC: 887961573886)
Sami Zayn Figure Action (UPC: 887961573992)
John Cena Redeco Figure Action (UPC: 887961574012)
Finn Balor Figure Action (UPC: 887961573893)
Enzo Figure Action (UPC: 887961675481)
Big Cass Figure Action (UPC: 887961675498)

WWE Tough Talkers Total Tag Team Series (2-Packs)

FMH99 – WWE Tough Talkers Total Tag Team Big E & Kofi Kingston Figure, 2 Pack Action (UPC: 887961574036)
FMJ00 – WWE Tough Talkers Total Tag Team Kevin Owens & Chris Jericho Figure, 2 Pack Action (UPC: 887961574074)

WWE Elite Epic Moments (2-Packs)

WWE Elite Festival of Friendship Figure, 2 Pack Action (UPC: 887961627176)

WWE Elite Epic Moment Legends Hardyz Figure, 2 Pack Action (UPC: 887961637335)

WWE Basic Plush Undertaker Figure Action (UPC: 887961659825)
WWE Basic Plush Bayley Figure Action (UPC: 887961659832)
WWE Basic Plush Braun Strowman Figure Action (UPC: 887961659856)
WWE Basic Plush Triple H Figure Action (UPC: 887961659849)
WWE Basic Plush Brock Lesnar Figure Action (UPC: 887961673845)
WWE Basic Plush Kane Figure Action (UPC: 887961673869)
WWE Basic Plush Dean Ambrose Figure Action (UPC: 887961673852)
WWE Basic Plush Alexa Bliss Figure Action (UPC: 887961673876)

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