Official reveals from Marvel Legends HasCon 2017

Hasbro was kind enough to pass on official images of the big Marvel Legends HasCon 2017 reveals.  Thanks to folks on site, we got to see these last weekend, but it’s nice to see them in hi-res.

It’s nice to see these as always and I’m anxiously awaiting the rest of the Build a Figure Apocalypse wave. If the rumors are true, Nightcrawler might be joining his pals and I can replace my Toy Biz/DC Direct hybrid custom. So far we know Psylocke (Jim Lee), Wolverine (Tiger Stripe) and Storm (punk 80s look) are coming. Some listings on Amazon have Magneto, Gladiator, Sabretooth and Multiple Man showing up.


I’m curious why Hasbro opted to go the Ant-Man route with Black Panther’s dedicated Marvel Legends line. So far, none of the comic characters revealed have a storied connection to T’Challa.

Namor is the closest, but that’s the wrong outfit. None of these figures are bad per se, but I’d rather Hasbro worked in more of the Black Panther characters in his own line. At least we’re getting the Toys R Us exclusive Klaw and Shuri set.

Marvel Legends Klaw and Shuri - TRU Exclusive

Black Widow and Ghost Rider were solid choices for the vehicle line. Curious who would make the cut for a second wave. Captain America? Danny Ketch Ghost Rider?

Modern Thanos with Infinity Gauntlet is a Wal-Mart exclusive. I’m curious why Hasbro went this route instead of the still heavily demanded Classic Thanos. It’s a bit of a cheat to folks who got the modern BAF Thanos. I never got around to completing him, but I like the brighter paint scheme on this one anyway.

Marvel Legends Thanos - Walmart Exclusive

Photo Credit: Hasbro