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WWE Elite 52 now available on Amazon

Amazon has the full set of Elite 52 for regular price including the in-demand Braun Strowman. This is one of the better sets for Mattel’s WWE line and one I’m more likely to get most of the offerings.

New Day’s colors are bright enough to make them worth grabbing, but my immediate priorities were the Flashbacks. Although Braun is very cool and that stretcher makes for a great and useful accessory.


As a reminder, here’s the entire lineup

Braun Strowman

WWE Elite 52 Braun Strowman

D-Lo Brown

WWE Elite 52 D-Lo Brown

Ken Shamrock

WWE Elite 52 Ken Shamrock

Kofi Kingston

WWE Elite 52 Kofi Kingston

Seth Rollins

WWE Elite 52 Seth Rollins

Xavier Woods

WWE Elite 52 Xavier Woods

I’ve got D-Lo and Ken Shamrock en route so I’ll be reviewing them very shortly.

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