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Image Comics hopes to wake readers with new Sleepless series

One of the best parts of Image Comics is how there’s literally a little something for everyone. Maybe fantasy romance was lacking so now that box has been checked with Sleepless. And it sounds like it’s going to be another Image book to keep an eye on.

Sara Vaughn, the writer of ALEX + ADA and Eternal Empire, is pairing up with artist Leila del Duca (Shutter, Afar), editor/colorist Alissa Sallah and letterer Deron Bennett.

Here’s the synopsis:

Sleepless cover

Lady ‘Poppy’ Pyppenia, daughter of a king, is ever guarded by the devoted Sleepless Knight Cyrenic. But a new king has just been crowned—and danger lurks anew around each and every corner.


‘SLEEPLESS is a story that is very dear to me, grown from an idea I would play in my head at night as I tried to fall asleep,’ Vaughn said in a statement. ‘It’s wonderful to see the book come to life with Leila, Alissa, and Deron. I hope readers enjoy reading about Poppy and Cyrenic and getting a little more romance, costumes, and fantasy in their lives.’

Sleepless alternate cover #1

‘I’m incredibly thrilled to be drawing a romance comic with Sarah!’ del Duca said. ‘She has written a lush world and intriguing characters that I’m having fun falling in love with (pun intended!). We’re both huge fans of period dramas and romance, so doing our own take on the genre has been very rewarding. I love the palace intrigue, the sexual tension, the dramatic emotions, and the amazing wardrobes in this series.’

Sleepless kicks off in December.

Image Credit: Image Comics