Mattel’s WWE Virgil figure is coming with the greatest accessory ever

If you’re a wrestling fan chances are pretty good you’ve seen a Lonely Virgil meme. The locations vary, but it’s always a picture of Virgil at a convention with nobody at his table.

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No lines. No fans. Just Lonely Virgil. To add a little extra to his upcoming WWE Network Spotlight figure — and to show Virgil has a good sense of humor about the whole thing — he’s got the best accessory ever.

A replica of the sign uses at his convention tables proclaiming he’s a WWE Superstar.

WWE Elite Network Spotlight Virgil with sign

That’s pretty amazing and hilarious. I’m still hoping Mattel completes the Three Faces of Virgil: candy striped wrestler and an nWo Vincent, but this is about as great as a debut figure as I could imagine.

WWE Elite Network Spotlight Virgil

He will be appearing as a Toys R Us exclusive. Now more than ever it’s helpful to buy a lot from them so we can get more great exclusives like this one.

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