WWE Elite 51 Berzerker figure review

From a completely unexpected perspective, Berzerker is one of the last choices I figured Mattel would get around to for its WWE line. He was in WWF for a hot second and was gone after barely making an impact. But he’s exactly the kind of character I’d like to see more of from Mattel especially with Flashbacks getting shortchanged lately. Let’s see if he’s worth hussing about.

Packaging:   This is the same Elite packaging we’ve had for about two years with the minor tweaks to include the diorama sticker and accessories on the left side.  Honestly, I’m bored with it now. I’d love to see Mattel make some changes with the color to make the inner lining more era specific and more information on the bio. Poor Berzerker only had the absolute basics on his card.

Likeness:  If ever there was a figure that screamed out for an expressive face it’s Berzerker. This guy never kept a straight face and his terrific head sculpt is dead on with the tongue to the side and out there crazy eyes. I wish his hair was puffed out more as it looks a little too much like he’s wearing a hairpiece.

WWE The Berzerker figure review -helmet hair

I love the sculpted furry boots as they’d work nicely in a pinch for Bruiser Brody customs.


WWE The Berzerker figure review -scale with The Undertaker, Bret Hart and The Texas Tornado

Scale:  At 6’8” Berzerker might not be as tall as Andre, Big Show or Kane, but he wasn’t a shrimp either. Mattel has the scale down right as he’s taller than guys like Bret Hart and The Texas Tornado, but will be looking up at The Undertaker.

Paint:  There’s a little controversy with this attire choice. Mattel went with a blue costume although he primarily wore a brown outfit. The blue definitely helps make him stand out more so while it’s not the most accurate, I’ll cut Mattel slack with this color choice.

Without looking too close the paintjob looks fine. With a more discerning view, you’ll notice the silver loops aren’t lined up properly. Thankfully that’s not a big concern and Mattel got the important elements like the tongue, beard lining and boot straps accurately.

WWE The Berzerker figure review - sending Bret Hart to turnbuckle

Articulation:  The big concern is his tunic and how much it will impact his moves. Berzerker is a kick and punch guy whose signature move is a big boot so that movement is important. You can accomplish it, but unlike some of the other giants, he won’t be able to hold the pose.

WWE The Berzerker figure review -about to strike The Undertaker

Berzerker has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • waist
  • hip
  • knee
  • ankle

WWE The Berzerker figure review -piledriving Bret Hart

Accessories:  He’s missing his most critical accessory — a six-inch scale Mr. Fuji. Barring that, he comes with everything else needed. There’s the helmet, necklace, shield and sword. The accessories truly make the man in this case so it’s nice to see Mattel take such great care to them.

Mattel probably could have gotten away with a plain shield, but they added the ridges and rivets. The broadsword is a good size and with the helmet if nothing else you could army build a decent assortment of six-inch Vikings.

WWE The Berzerker figure review -clothesline to The Undertaker

Worth it?  If you’re lucky you can catch the WWE Elite figures on a sale. I got him for $18, but the standard $20 isn’t bad either.

Rating:  8 out of 10

WWE The Berzerker figure review - clubbing Texas Tornado

Where to get it?  I nabbed him from Wal-Mart, but some folks have reported finding Elite 51 at Toys R Us. Amazon.com is another option as well.

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