Baltimore Comic Con 2017: comic book creators report

One of the cooler aspects of the Baltimore Comic Con is getting to talk to creators. Before celebrities and cosplayers became a big selling point for conventions, comic books were the main draw. Clearly, I love the cosplay aspect and dig the talent that come to the area. But it’s so much fun having lengthy conversations with comic book talent whose work I admire. Baltimore Comic Con 2017 was no different.

Even with some of the bigger names not being able to make it out this weekend, BCC2017 still had a stellar lineup.

Baltimore Comic Con 2017 - creators showcase - Peter J. Tomasi

I caught up with one of my favorite current writers, Peter J. Tomasi. After a string of fill-in writers for Superman, I was concerned Tomasi and writing partner Patrick Gleason were heading off the title. Tomasi assured me they’re sticking around. The fill-in issues were just a much needed step off the treadmill from the bi-weekly release schedule. Give it up to the DC writers who’ve stayed on their books consistently since the start of Rebirth. They’re essentially on the third year of titles if we looked at these books on the traditional release schedule.

Baltimore Comic Con 2017 - creators showcase - Neal Adams talking

In between sketching commissions, superstar artist Neal Adams offered constructive criticism on an aspiring artist’s portfolio. That was a fascinating discussion as one of the all-time greats gave the kind of logical insight I wish more artists received. It was an impromptu training session and one I hope that artist can use to take his work to the next level.


I also got to chat with artist Paul Pellitier, who’s fresh off of drawing the Nightwing chapter of Gotham Resistance. After I shared my disappointment he’s been used as a fill-in artist, Pellitier revealed he does have a regular gig coming up. I won’t spoil it, but I’m very excited about this assignment and think it’s a perfect fit for him.

It’s always fun watching some of the pros like Stan Sakai and Joe Staton talking to appreciative fans. This is one of those occasions where you get to see the mutual love fest. The fans are thrilled to take pictures, get materials autographed and the creators seem genuinely grateful for the attention.

Baltimore Comic Con 2017 - creators showcase - Jerry and Rachel Ordway

I enjoyed talking to Rachel Ordway. I’ve been a big fan of her father, Jerry, and it’s cool seeing she’s keeping the family business going with her own titles.

Thanks to my buddies at Loading Snacks, I got to meet BlerdCon founder Hilton George. Definitely be on the lookout for an interview in the upcoming months as we chat BlerdCon 2018. That’s set for July 27-29 at the Hyatt Regency in Crystal City in Arlington, Virginia.

Baltimore Comic Con 2017 - creators showcase - Afua Richardson

I met the amazingly talented Afusa Richardson, whose work is stunning. I’m looking forward to checking out more of her work and hope to talk with her soon as well. If you’re heading to New York Comic Con, make sure to check out her booth and her fantastic prints.

In case you’re wondering, I’m still sorting through my cosplay pics and will likely have them up Monday night or Tuesday. But, I can’t leave you without something so here’s a preview.

Baltimore Comic Con 2017 - cosplay - Enchantress, Deathstroke, Bane, Commissioner Gordon, The Riddler and Catwoman

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