Gotham: Destiny Calling review S3 Ep. 21

Anarky has hit Gotham, but Lonnie Machin is nowhere in sight. Destiny Calling wasn’t as consistent as some of the home stretch episodes, but it had some major moments that kept it entertaining.

Hugo Strange is the most popular man in town after all the major players learn he has an antidote for the virus. Unfortunately for Bullock and an infected Gordon, Fish finds him first. And she’s fortified her forces with Mr. Freeze, Firefly and Penguin following her. Penguin didn’t seem to be victim to Fish’s mind control powers making for a serious regression of his character.


While waiting on Gordon to give in to the virus, Lee took the initiative to punk out Butch and threaten Barbara. This makes sense and it was nice to see Heel Lee try and settle some old scores. What’s super strength with a touch of madness if you don’t use it to kill your enemies?


Barbara and Nygma are a fun pairing. I’m kinda torn if I want them to end up together even though there’s some undeniable chemistry between them. Barbara rightfully calls Ed out on not helping her out with her plans to take control of Gotham’s underworld.

The Alfred/Bruce subplot has been the least enjoyable. Alfred spent most of Destiny Calling trying to help Bruce break The Sensei’s conditioning. It just seems a little too inevitable that Bruce is going to come around. Though maybe not right away. Bruce meets Sensei’s master, Ra’s al Ghul (Alexander Siddig, Game of Thrones).

Siddig is an improvement on Matthew Nable, who played the character on Arrow. He’s got a better mysterious presence fitting for The Demon’s Head. As likely as it seems Bruce will come around, it was pretty shocking watching him impale Alfred.


Sean Pertwee had a great scene here as he told Bruce he’s always loved him and is willing to be sacrificed if it truly helped Bruce.

Gordon and Bullock track Fish and company just as Strange has recovered his antidote. But again they’re second place as the League of Assassins shows up seeking the antidote. Sadly they’re just as inept on Gotham as they are in Arrow. Ninjas should really be the ultimate fighters and not being taken out by a pair of cops.

In an unbelievably stupid move, Fish decides to creep up on Gordon, who thinks she’s another ninja and stabs her. Naturally she was holding the antidote too and all but one vial get destroyed.


This was probably the most idiotic way to kill Fish. And this death didn’t have nearly the same impact as it would have if Fish was a big player the second half of this season. This felt more like an oversight finally being corrected. Fish should have died after her first big showdown with Penguin. Her random appearances since then haven’t done a lot for the show and are a throwback to the show’s shakier past.

Maybe the most significant development is this fully puts Gordon against Penguin. It was hard to buy into Penguin’s devastated reaction to Fish’s death. Their reconciliation was off screen after all and it seemed unlikely he’d be so broken up without determining her latest angle. At least now Gordon and Penguin should remain on opposite sides without any questionable alliances.

OK, time to head on over to the season finale. Hopefully it ends an entertaining season on a high note.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: Jeff Neumann/FOX

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