DC Comics reviews for 9/27/17

Detective Comics #965

Detective Comics #965 cover

The old gang is reunited as Eddy Barrows returns on Detective Comics for A Lonely Place of Living.

Writer James Tynion IV is clearly a devoted Batman fan with this homage to A Lonely Place of Dying, the storyline that introduced Tim Drake to the Batman universe. Held captive by Mr. Oz, Tim examines his connection to Batman and the need for a Robin.

I appreciate the synergy of the Action and Detective teams. Red Robin was the sole non-Superman related captive of Mr. Oz and the explanation falls in line with what’s going on in both titles.

In the context of knowing Mr. Oz’s identity and his purpose, this interrogation takes on new meaning. What previously seemed like a random incident designed to take one player off the board is now something far more interesting especially once Mr. Oz reveals himself. For the full impact, it might be best for readers to check out Action Comics #987 first. And for even better context, read Action Comics #988.

Detective Comics #965 interior art

Just when it seems like all of the surprises and twists have been revealed, Tynion pulls out another shock with Mr. Oz’s latest captive.

Barrows has been missed. Detective has had a number of solid recurring and fill-in artists, but Barrows helped establish the Rebirth era of Detective. His line work and backgrounds is terrific and he brings a certain level of emotion to the characters that’s hard to replicate.

Given the chaos currently going on in the DC Universe and Batman in general with Metal, this storyline comes at the ideal time to follow-up with Red Robin. This seems like a wide open storyline for Tynion and Barrows and the journey and the destination looks like it will be a blast.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10